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Why is a counting camera the right technology for managing visitor flows?

Dernière mise à jour : 10 oct. 2022

If you manage or work for a public structure, you have probably already heard of people counting devices. Infrared, AI or 3D counters, WiFi counting... but what to choose from the wide range of people counting systems on the market? The Data Bridge Market Research report* predicts an 11.05% increase in the technologies available on the market from 2020 to 2027. It is therefore clear that choosing the best solution remains complicated, but there is one solution that stands out: the video counting camera.

Video analysis has particularly transformed the world of people counting. Why is it the most effective solution for people flow management today? Are there different methods of video counting? In this article you will find the answers to all these questions!

What is a counting camera?

First of all, you should know that there are multiple methods of video counting on the market: counting using video surveillance, 2D video or 3D video.

We give you all the keys to choose the right one: how they work, the advantages and the disadvantages of each technology!

The video surveillance counting camera

Many counting application providers, such as Affluences, can interface with your existing video surveillance camera system. The video footage is simply used to perform the count using powerful algorithms.

Dispositif de vidéosurveillance par caméra
Dispositif de vidéosurveillance par caméra

The reliability of counting by retrieving video surveillance streams is 98%. However, it is important to bear in mind that many external factors linked to the model and location of the surveillance cameras installed (image quality, luminosity, desired viewing angle) can alter the quality of the integrated data. Hence the need to carry out an initial diagnosis, as Affluences does, to confirm the technical relevance of counting by retrieving these video streams.

The AI video counting camera

Placed at a height, the AI counter uses an algorithm to detect and analyse the shapes in its field of view, identifies those that are human-like, counts them and then transmits updated count data via the 3G/4G network. The algorithm is able to distinguish between adults and animals or even shopping trolleys and pushchairs.

All you need is access to the 3G/4G network and a power supply to connect the sensor!

AI counting camera installation
AI counting camera installation

The images collected are only intended for counting flows in order to better forecast and control the flow of people. There is no possibility of identifying people, as the data stored and sent to the servers is purely numerical (for example, 16 entries at 12.10 p.m.).

Do you want to count people in open spaces? This video counting camera is particularly suitable as it can be placed in a waterproof case for increased resistance to dust, water and moisture intrusion!

The 3D counting camera

Installed above the access points of your premises or a specific counting area, its stereoscopic technology (double camera) can detect movements and thus distinguish each individual who enters and leaves the area.

Linked to artificial intelligence software, the system will be able to analyse the 3D video to measure occupancy over a given period and occupancy at a given time by counting entries and exits. Thanks to its high precision, you can distinguish adults from children if you wish!

This technology differs from other counting cameras in that it is more than 99% reliable, even in the case of wide passages where the flows can be very large!

However, if you are not qualified to pull cable, you will not be able to install the device yourself, this will be the job of your supplier and their technicians. Just be aware that a POE (Power Over Ethernet) power supply is required to install a 3D video counting camera.

3D counting camera installation
3D counting camera installation

As with the previous sensors, with the 3D video camera, no one can be identified in the analysed images and they are not stored on the servers.

Why should you adopt this counting system?

Whether you manage a shop, a company, a museum, a transport network or any other public place, the counting cameras will adapt perfectly to the specificities of your structure while keeping a high reliability.

You will be able to optimise your occupancy permanently, monitor the number of visitors present in real time and thus smooth out the flow of visitors to your premises.

To analyse and smooth the occupancy of your premises

Direct access to your occupancy data, in the form of statistics and/or graphs, will allow you to analyse and optimise your visitor flows! Filter the history by time slot, day, week, month or year in order to better understand the behaviour of your visitors and to be able to inform them of the number of visitors.

Do you need to adjust your opening hours according to peak and off-peak periods? What about your staff planning? Do you need to implement commercial and/or marketing actions during off-peak hours to attract more visitors?

Thanks to the video counting system :

  • You improve your operational efficiency while maintaining the quality of service to your visitors;

  • You reduce your costs while optimising the allocation of your resources.

👉 These are all significant competitive advantages for your organisation!

To monitor your occupancy level in real time

In order to optimise the comfort and guarantee the safety of your visitors, set up alerts that will be triggered automatically when the maximum capacity is exceeded. Your internal teams will be notified in real time to act immediately!

This feature is particularly relevant in the event of a government-imposed health protocol, such as that related to COVID-19. Controlling your occupancy level, respecting physical distance or any other safety regulation has never been so easy!

Would you like to take the plunge? Contact us and we will study your project and propose the most suitable counting camera for your facility!

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* Global People Counting System Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2029 - Data Bridge Market Research - December 2021

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