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About us

We are Affluences and we are expert in crowd management


Our ambition
Generalise real-time crowd information and make it as accessible as weather forecasting


To ensure success, we have assembled a young and dynamic team!

Nous sommes innovants !


Confronted with crowd levels challenges in university library (especially during revision periods!), it is Paul, a trained engineer, that codes the first lines of the mobile app after a first experience in a consulting firm. With a timer in his hand, he is on the lookout for all the queues in Paris!

In 2014, he takes the plunge and creates Affluences with two childhood friends: Micaël, passionate about new technologies (especially those facilitating the daily life), who is in charge of developing the technical part of the ecosystem of Affluences, and Grégoire, who after several years spent in China and Malaysia, went back in France to recreate this innovative environment that enables Affluences to succeed today everywhere in Europe!

The core business of Affluences

Nowadays, Affluences is a key actor in the measurement, forecasting and communication in real-time of crowd levels (waiting time and space occupancy levels).

We design, install and maintain measurement sensors but also tools enabling to make the most of the associated data. Thanks to our predictive analysis algorithm, we provide crowd levels forecasts that help institutions receiving public to better manage their flows.

We also propose an online booking service which completes our crowd management services.

Key figures




Offices in Europe




Years of expertise

Want to know more or join our team?

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