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Sports facilities use case
Discover our people counting and reservation solutions

Whether you have a swimming pool, a sports hall, a gymnasium, a climbing hall or any other sports infrastructure, Affluences will improve your daily life.

Control your gauge in real time


Thanks to the Affluences solution, you can  visualize, in real time, how many people are in your spaces ​ and use your sports equipment. Our ultra-precise counting systems even let you know the influx of specific areas, such as the number of swimmers in a swimming pool.

This real-time attendance data is becoming more and more essential. Take advantage of it by creating alerts when the gauge is exceeded to ensure the safety of your members.

Heatmap BNF
pool reservation schedule

Anticipate your staffing needs


Affluences has developed a high-performance predictive analysis algorithm , following the same principle as the weather report, in order to give you access to  traffic forecast for a whole week.

You will then be able to anticipate your personnel needs (coaches, lifeguards, counselors, etc.) depending on the days and times of the week.

Smooth your flows and improve the satisfaction of your members


By communicating , in real time and in a predictive manner, the occupation of your swimming pool, basin, sports or climbing hall, etc. to members, you benefit from a double advantage:

  • you give your members the opportunity to choose off-peak hours rather than peak hours and thus enjoy your spaces and equipment with maximum comfort. The image of your equipment will be significantly improved.

  • you smooth your flows over the day and thus avoid periods of saturation and overcapacity of your equipment. You will then benefit from more serene management of your structure.

Reservation service on smart campus
Reservation sport classes on smart campus

"The statistical interface provided by Affluences is just what we were looking for! Collecting the visitors numbers automatically and being able to set up automated reports is priceless: it saves us time and helps estimating where our staff are most needed. The Affluences’ team has always been very effective and responsive, willing to offer customized solutions when needed."

- Fredrik Lodding - Deputy Librarian

Discrete sensors providing reliable and accurate occupancy data for the 8 libraries

Ready to take control of your crowd?
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