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Public administrations use case
Discover our solutions for the queue and appointments management

Whether you are a small, medium or large public administration, Affluences offers you a global solution for managing the journey of your citizens: a solution adapted to your needs in terms of making appointments and managing the queue. .

You manage a media library, a swimming pool or a gymnasium: accurately count your users and optimize your organization


Thanks to the Affluences solution, you will be able to view, in real time, how many people are in your spacesand use your equipment . Our ultra-precise counting systems even allow you to know the affluence of specific areas, such as the number of readers in the "press" area of your media library or the number of swimmers present in a pool basin.  Create  gauge overflow alerts to guarantee the safety of your users.

Affluences has also developed an ultra-efficient predictive analysis algorithm , following the same principle as the weather report, in order to give you access to attendance forecasts for an entire week.​  You will then be able to anticipate your staff needs (librarian, speaker, coaches, lifeguards, etc.) depending on the days and times of the week.


In addition, by communicating , in real time and in a provisional way, the occupation of your library, swimming pool, basin etc. to users, you benefit from a double advantage:

  • you give your members the opportunity to choose off-peak hours rather than peak hours and thus enjoy your spaces and equipment with maximum comfort. The image of your infrastructure will be significantly improved.

  • you smooth out your flows over the day and thus avoid periods of saturation and overcapacity of your equipment. You will then benefit from a more serene management of your structure.


You are in charge of soft mobility in your city: study the impact of your road development choices


Are you in charge of finding alternatives to private cars and giving more space to pedestrians and bicycles in the city centre, but to justify your choices and study their impact, do you need reliable and precise metering data?

With Affluences, you have a sustainable real-time automated counting solution: no more need to carry out expensive and temporary manual counting campaigns!  

Our innovative counting technology differentiates vehicles from pedestrians and bicycles. You will thus be able to know the distribution of flows in the busiest streets and adapt the road development policy according to the data collected. 

You manage a park or a garden: accurately count your visitors and optimize your staff


By precisely counting the users of your park or garden, not only can you follow their attendance in real time and be alerted when the gauge is exceeded, but you can also take a step back from all the data collected in order to optimize your spaces!  

  • Adapt your street furniture (number of benches, bins or play areas for children).

  • Adjust the frequency of intervention of your maintenance, cleaning and gardening teams according to the number of visitors over the last hours, days or weeks.

  • Adjust your opening hours if you notice recurring peaks in traffic close to closing time or if you notice on the contrary under-utilization of spaces in the early morning.



It has never been easier to know the use of your spaces thanks to Affluences!


Choose our online appointment booking solution


Offer the possibility to your citizens to make an administrative appointment (renewal of passport, identity card, registration in the swimming pool ...) completely independently.

Then consult the details of all reservations, in a few clicks, from the Affluences back office.

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"Whether for media libraries or museums of the city of Saint-Étienne, we are fully delighted with the Affluences solution which allows us to benefit from precise attendance data in real time! The teams supported us very well and trained us on their tool, which
remains intuitive and very easy to use. Thanks to Affluences, we have been able to significantly improve the management of our flows, which has a direct impact on the experience of our users"

— Teams from the museums and media libraries network of the city of Saint-Étienne


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