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Online bookings

Improve your visitors' experience through our booking software

We are aware that crowd management doesn't stop at its measurement. We propose to our partners a unique booking system adaptable to the needs of each client.

Use case

Rooms and workspaces

Seating places


Events and activities

Ready to take control of your crowd?
Salles et espaces de travail

Make your facilities available

Offer to your users the possibility to book online your facilities (group rooms, individual cabins, meeting rooms, phone booths, etc.) from any device (mobile, tablet, computer)

Configure and customise each resource according to its use directly on the Affluences web portal

Define who can book and who cannot thanks to our email restriction technology

Allow your users to book a seat


Number your seats and make them available on the mobile application and the Affluences website! You will then have better control of your spaces and can better guarantee social distancing.


You will also avoid queues by promoting online booking. 


If your seats are very busy, we offer a QR code system for each seat, which users will have to scan. If the scan is not carried out within 10 minutes of the start of the reservation, the seat is automatically made available online.


Your users thus become autonomous and your staff saves time!

Place assise

Lend your equipments in all simplicity

Configure all type of equipment (tablet, cable, video material, sport machines, tennis court, etc.) and integrate them on Affluences in a few clicks

Implement a reception validating system for your equipments in order to avoid mobilising them for nothing in case of no-shows

Establish usage quotas for each equipment and especially the most solicitated ones, in order to satisfy all your users

Manage your events registrations on Affluences

Increase the number of participants to your events thanks to a user-friendly online registration module (only 3 clicks)

Define the number of available places to the events you organise simply from the webportal of Affluences

Promote your activities on the same interface than the online booking module: the Affluences mobile app which has more than 900 000 users.

accueil établissement
For the institution

A unique platform to manage your crowds and bookings


An unlimited number of bookings whatever the package chosen


A simple and intuitive interface which enable you to configure your resources completely independently


A secure and reliable solution that does not require any interfacing with our IT system thanks to our email securing innovative technology

A statistic module which enables you to monitor at any moment the use of your resources

For the user

A user-friendly interface accessible from any device: mobile through the mobile application Affluences, tablet and computer through the online booking site: 


A booking process in only 3 clicks


A solution that meets the needs of the users: no account creation needed nor any password to remember


Bookings that can be integrated in the users' agenda


A reminder system via email or SMS to reduce the no-show risk

Smartphone resa EN 1.png
Smartphone resa EN 2.png

Key advantages


"The Affluences solution gives us automatically and everyday, indicators on the museum's crowd and waiting time. This enable us to have an optimal organisation of the flows of visitors."

— Alban Lionnet, Director of Quality and Internal Audit

Logo neuilly-sur-seine

"Affluences is a complete solution that allows us to measure the affluence of the water lines in our basin
sportsman, to predict the attendance on the current day, to manage it via an intuitive interface and above all to communicate it to our public via multiple channels. The improvement of the comfort of our users is fully guaranteed!"

— Eve MELCA-SAIDJ, Sports Director of Neuilly-sur-Seine


"We have been collaborating with Affluences since 2016 and we are fully satisfied with this innovative solution which allows us to better manage our student flows in our libraries. The data reported by the counters is particularly relevant and saves us considerable time on a daily basis. The team is very responsive and knew how to transform our needs into solutions."

— Marc Martinez, Director of Libraries

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