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Crowd communication

Innovate with your visitors by communicating your crowd in real time

Improve the visit experience of your public: communicate the crowd in real-time on several media!
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List your institutions on our website and mobile app, to gain visibility!

List your institution on our website

Be present together with prestigious institutions' and improve your visibility.

Reinforce your omnichannelm presence thanks to Affluences' mobile app

Take advantage of our one milion users base and improve your image on a mobile app rated 4,7/5 on the stores.

Communicate with your public your activities, opening hours and useful information

Inform your visitors of your opening hours, your useful information and all your events and activities in order to enhance their impact.

Enrich your website with an innovative service: Affluences' APIs

Transform the virtual visitors into real visitors

The "crowd" API enables the visitors on your website or mobile app to check the crowd in the blink of an eye: they are reassured and can plan more easily a visit at your institution.

Change for dynamic hours

The "opening hours" API automatically displays the opening hours of the ongoing week. The information is thus clear and quick to understand.

Compatible with all types of material

The Affluences APIs can be integrated on all websites (K-Sup, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.) but also on screens or third-party mobile apps! Behind his screen or on-site, the visitor can thus access the information in real-time.

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Manage your public information and your maximum capacity gauge

Administer your public page

Manage all the information that you want to be public: useful information, services offered, location, etc.

Update your opening hours easily for an instantaneous communication with your users

Edit your opening hours in three clicks: our calendar tool is conceived especially to manage very easily your opening hours that may vary from one week to the other.

Control your maximum capacity gauge

Define your maximum capacity gauge via the Affluences web portal and adapt it depending on the day and planned events: the occupancy rate will only be more reliable!

Ready to take control of your crowd?

"The Affluences solution gives us automatically and everyday, indicators on the museum's crowd and waiting time. This enable us to have an optimal organisation of the flows of visitors."

— Alban Lionnet, Director of Quality and Internal Audit

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"Affluences is a complete solution that allows us to measure the affluence of the water lines in our basin
sports, to predict the number of people on the current day, to manage it via an intuitive interface and above all to communicate it to our public via multiple channels. The improvement of the comfort of our users is fully guaranteed!"

— Eve MELCA-SAIDJ, Sports Director of Neuilly-sur-Seine


"We have been collaborating with Affluences since 2016 and we are fully satisfied with this innovative solution which allows us to better manage our student flows in our libraries. The data reported by the counters is particularly relevant and saves us considerable time on a daily basis. The team is very responsive and knew how to transform our needs into solutions."

— Marc Martinez, Director of Libraries

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