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Retail use case
Discover our store passage counter solutions

Whether you manage a shopping center, one or more stores, in food or specialized distribution, study your customer flows by area and use this data to improve your image, increase your turnover and lower your operating costs.

Ready to take control of your crowd?

View your occupancy rate or attendance in real time

Measure the occupancy rate across an entire site or by area using sensors to receive alerts when the gauge is exceeded and thus enforce social distancing rules.  

As attendance data is anonymous, you are in full compliance with the GDPR .

Our ultra-precise counting systems allow you, for example, to know, in real time, the number of people in the fitting area or the waiting time at the checkout .

Communicate on this traffic data to reassure your customers and improve your attendance.

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Portail Prevision

Anticipate your flows thanks to a better knowledge of behavior


Contextualize visitor behavior with exogenous factors (weather, commercial operations, media campaigns) and endogenous factors (sales forces, merchandising, cashiers) and anticipate your flows.  

To smooth your attendance,  

Study your KPIs to adjust your strategy and make the right decisions


Thanks to our data visualization interface , use the attendance data to:

  • study the average time spent in the store

  • analyze the customer journey

  • identify the performance of the zones (hot zones and cold zones)  


Use our predictive analysis algorithm to adjust your organization, boost your attendance and improve your profitability:

  • Offer promotions during off-peak periods

  • Adjust merchandising or price per m2 in high-traffic areas

  • Communicate on traffic to encourage consumers to visit the store 

  • Adapt the staff schedule (storage of departments, sales forces, collection)

  • Smooth your waiting time at the cash desk or in the cabin

  • Measure the impact of campaigns and animations

  • Compare the performance of a store network

  • Improve your conversion rate and increase your average cart

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"We were looking for an attendance measurement solution for all our halls in order to control the attendance in an automated way. The Affluences solution perfectly meets this need, or even beyond, since in addition to on-site control and communication we have the possibility of disseminating this information in real time to the public through a dedicated mobile application. It is a real added value, especially in this period of health crisis "

- James Arbacette ,  Head of IS Halles Biltoki

+ 100  000 consultations of the flows capacity

Ready to take control of your crowd?
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