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Transport use case
Discover our user flow management solutions

Whether you are a Mobility Organizing Authority (AOM), in charge of passenger information, passenger safety, regulation or a commercial agency, Affluences helps you measure flows and communicate to adjust to better supply and demand.

Ready to take control of your crowd?

You manage a transport network: smooth the filling of your lines


To know precisely how often metro, bus and tram lines are used, network entry data is not sufficient: it is essential to have an automated measurement system for occupancy and flows . Thanks to an ultra-precise people counting system , Affluences captures and models attendance to provide you with reliable data at all times.


From this data, communicate in real time to passengers on the number of people on a line, in a train or a bus.

Thanks to Affluences,  disseminate information on the application, your trip simulators, your website, in situ screens, social networks ...

Thus, improve the comfort and satisfaction of your users : they can respect social distancing, adapt their itinerary or get on a less crowded train.


Thanks to our data visualization interface, size the offer on your network :

  • Measure peaks in attendance by line, train or period

  • Identify the variables that can affect normal attendance (weather forecast, school holidays, etc.)

  • Check the vehicle load in real time

  • Regulate your transport offer and optimize the mesh of your network

You manage an infrastructure: optimize it thanks to a better knowledge of your flows


The measurement of human flows in stations, stations and airports makes it possible to reconstruct the journey of users in your infrastructures, and to analyze  your flows in strategic areas: entrances and exits, corridors, escalators, halls, platforms, toilets, security gates ...

  • Identify hot and cold areas to calibrate the price per m2 of shops

  • Anticipate equipment maintenance based on their rate of use (predictive maintenance)

  • Adjust human resources (regulators, cleaning, etc.)

  • Optimize the layout of your stations and car parks

You manage a sales area: reduce the wait in the branch


Sales areas can face peaks in attendance, which generate expectations and dissatisfaction on the part of users.


To anticipate these peaks, measure the crowd in the area and:

logo setram Le Mans

“Every day, the Affluences solution automatically transmits us the museum's waiting and attendance indicators, allowing us to optimally organize flows”

+ 100  000 consultations of the flows capacity 

- Alban Lionnet, Quality and Internal Audit Director

Ready to take control of your crowd?
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