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Cultural and tourist places use case
Discover our solutions for welcoming visitors

Whether you manage a museum, a monument or any other cultural or tourist site, Affluences helps you control your gauge, smooth your flows and thus maximize the satisfaction of your visitors.

Ready to take control of your crowd?
Tableau de bord piscine

Control your visitor gauge and manage your establishment as well as possible


Measure the occupancy and attendance rate of your site in real time thanks to the Affluence counting system . Thus, control your welcome gauge by configuring alerts when the gauge is exceeded in order to guarantee the safety and comfort of your visitors.


Calculate the waiting time of your visitors in front of the entrance of your establishment using specific sensors. This will allow you to better manage your queues and thus optimize the reception of your visitors.

Finally, view all the attendance and waiting statistics on our data visualization interface. You will be able to export this data and save a considerable amount of time when writing your activity reports.

Adopt our online booking solution


To smooth your flows even further, you can also use our online reservation system so that your visitors can book workshops, guided tours or even time slots in your establishment before their arrival.


In a few clicks, configure your various reservable resources on our interface and you're done! Consult or modify your reservations directly online.

Planning de réservation piscine
App Affluences cirque fer à cheval

Real-time occupancy of the Cirque du Fer à Cheval car park

Smooth your flows and maximize the satisfaction of your visitors


Communicate your attendance in order to reassure your visitors and thus encourage them to come during off-peak hours. You offer better reception conditions during peak hours and attract new audiences during off-peak hours.  


Your visitors will also be able to know the forecast traffic , over the next hours of the day, thanks to our predictive analysis algorithm. Communicating this information to them before their arrival will only be welcome!

Make the most of your data thanks to our management and supervision interface


Thanks to our back-office , you will be able to control and use, in a few clicks, the traffic indicators of your spaces . You will have access to visuals and a dashboard which will provide you with essential indicators in real time: entries, exits, visitors present, occupancy rate and waiting times.


You can also take advantage of these indicators to obtain relevant marketing data : hot and cold areas, conversion rates of souvenir shops as well as the best times for collecting trash or cleaning in restaurant areas.

statistiques de fréquentation bibliothèque
Logo Grand site de Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

"Whether for media libraries or museums of the city of Saint-Étienne, we are fully delighted with the Affluences solution which allows us to benefit from precise attendance data in real time! The teams supported us very well and trained us on their tool, which
remains intuitive and very easy to use. Thanks to Affluences, we have been able to significantly improve the management of our flows, which has a direct impact on the experience of our users"

— Teams from the museums and media libraries network of the city of Saint-Étienne


people counters installed in total

Ready to take control of your crowd?
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