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Count visitors

Discover all of our people counting solutions

Each situation is unique. That is why we offer different types of sensors in order to respond to the needs of each type of institution.

Our crowd couting solutions
#1 one the market

jauge d'occupation
Transports en commun


Distribution of visitors, performance monitoring, etc.


Security gauje, counting in open areas, visit comfort, etc.


Load level of means of transport...

Attendance          Occupancy            Waiting time
comptage de personnes infrarouge
Infrared sensor

Technology : Bidirectional infrared beam (counting entries and exits)

Prerequisite : Crossing point between 1 and 5 meters

Advantages : Easy installation, 100% autonomous (AA batteries), no cables required

jauge d'occupation
comptage de personnes vidéo
3D Video sensor

Technology : Determining ground distance using 3D Video technology

Prerequisite : Installation above the counting area, size of the counting area proportional to the height, PoE power supply required.

Advantages : High precision for wide crossing points and high flow of visitors

jauge d'occupation

Why count your visitors?

To improve the reception of visitors

By counting your visitors' entries and exits and calculating the occupancy rate of your spaces, you have an overall view of the capacity of your facility and your spaces in general.

By opting for our people counting solutions, reliable and intelligent sensors, adaptable to any configuration, you are ready to face any situation. You know how to anticipate crowds thanks to both the attendance history accessible from the Affluences administration portal and our predictive analysis algorithm that provides you with attendance forecasts for the whole day or even the week.

By communicating this information in real time to your audience, you build loyalty and smooth your flows at the same time! 

To optimise the staff

By knowing your visitor flows precisely, you can adapt your staff according to the number of visitors expected: increase staff numbers on the busiest days, reduce them or assign them tasks other than reception on the quietest days.

It also means directing staff to the most frequented areas thanks to a real-time display of the traffic gauge per area (e.g. exhibition halls in museums or public squares in city centres).

To optimize the spaces


The other advantage of our people counting solution is to know exactly when and how your spaces are used. You can then make adjustments according to how they are used on a daily basis.


Attendance information, both real-time and historical, will enable you to adapt your reception strategy: should you install more reception desks? More chairs and tables? Do you need to enlarge the spaces? These are all questions that you can answer thanks to our counters and our dataview interface.

To optimise the global performance of your structure


By having a global vision of the use of your spaces, you have the keys in hand to rethink your schedules, which are sometimes unsuitable for the uses of your visitors. This is indeed an essential aspect of your establishment's reception strategy which, if neglected, can have harmful consequences in the long term and result in a significant drop in visitor numbers. 

At the same time, the current context invites us to be increasingly cautious with regard to space measurement. Our limit alerts feature will simplify the daily life of your staff by automating checks on the number of people in your spaces. 

Ready to take control of your crowd?

"The Affluences solution gives us automatically and everyday, indicators on the museum's crowd and waiting time. This enable us to have an optimal organisation of the flows of visitors."

— Alban Lionnet, Director of Quality and Internal Audit

Logo Neuilly sur Seine

"Affluences is a complete solution that allows us to measure the affluence of the water lines in our basin
sportsman, to predict the attendance on the current day, to manage it via an intuitive interface and above all to communicate it to our public via multiple channels. The improvement of the comfort of our users is fully guaranteed!"

Eve MELCA-SAIDJ, Sports Director of Neuilly-sur-Seine

Logo Université de Lyon

"We have been working with Affluences since 2016 and we are fully satisfied with this innovative solution which allows us to better manage our student flows in our libraries. The data reported by the counters is particularly relevant and saves us considerable time on a daily basis. The team is very responsive and knew how to transform our needs into solutions."

— Marc Martinez, Director of Libraries

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