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Improve your visitors experience thanks to the Affluences plan

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Affluences has adapted his solutions to respond to the upcoming challenges to take up.
Whether you are a library, a museum, an administration, a swimming pool, a supermarket or any other place receiving public, the problem remains the same:
How to ensure the safety of your visitors?

Monitor your traffic in real time

Occupancy levels measurement
jauge d'occupation
Waiting time measurement
mesure du temps d'attente
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Implement visiting time slots with our booking system.


Following the new sanitary measures, you need to limit the opening hours of your institution in order to guarantee the safety of your visitors. However, you want to avoid the formation of queues at the entrance of your institution.

Choose the booking solution of Affluences which enables your visitors to:

  • book time slots (to work, swim, study, borrow documents or any other product, have a beer),

  • book study seats in order to guarantee social distanciation,

  • register in a virtual queue so that they can wait for their turn wherever they want and come when it is really their turn.

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compteur manuel connecté
compteur de personnes
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Monitor your occupancy levels in real-time thanks to an alert system.


You want to reopen your institution while respecting social distanciation. To this end, you need to know the number of people that are in real-time in your spaces.

  1. Affluences proposes several solutions to measure your crowd levels (occupancy rate and waiting time) in real-time, ranging from a simple and quick solution (connected manual counting) to a more sophisticated one (video sensor with algorithm analysis),

  2. For a better monitoring, you will receive alerts by email or text messages to inform you when the maximum occupancy levels are reached,

  3. In addition to the real-time information, Affluences has developed a powerful tool that calculates the forecasts throughout the day.

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Measure the waiting time to access to your spaces and communicate this information!


The current context forces you to reduce your welcoming capacity. This leads to longer queues at the entrance of your institution, particularly at certain hours of the day. 


Affluences proposes a unique waiting time measurement solution thanks to its intelligent sensors. You will be able to:

  • know your waiting time in real-time and be alerted when it exceeds a threshold that you have previously defined,

  • anticipate the needs in staff allocation thanks to the predictive algorithm of Affluences,

  • smoothen the flows of visitors throughout the day by communicating with them via several media (Affluences mobile app, APIs, etc.) the information in real-time as well as forecasts.

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Ready to take control of your crowd?
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