Queue management system
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We have developed high-performance queue management solutions to help you deal with the reception of your visitors with greater peace of mind.

Our sensors for measuring waiting times

Extraction des données de gestion de file d'attente
Retrieve existing data

Technology : Software connector

Prerequisite : Counting data available in real-time

Advantages : Free, no installation required

capteur vidéo de file d'attente
AI sensor

Technology : Algorithm processing of images reception

Prerequisite : Installation high up, power supply with or without transformer

Advantages : Crowd counting (occupancy and waiting time) in open areas

analyse vidéo de file d'attente
Video flow analysis

Technology : Video flow algorithm processing

Prerequisite : Server with a i5 processor, 8GG RAM, 64GB storage and internet access 720p IP camera resolution

Advantages : Usage of existing equipment

Why measure waiting times at your services or spaces?

To smooth your visitor flow

By measuring the waiting times at your services or spaces, you know what is happening in real time at all the accesses of your establishment. Making this information available to your visitors via our Affluences mobile application will allow them to choose off-peak periods, automatically smoothing your flows throughout the day or even the week.

At the same time, you will improve the image of your structure by giving an excellent first impression to your visitors, who will appreciate the effective management of your queues.

Fluidification de l'accueil
gestion de file d'attente optimisée

To optimise your reception strategy 


The aim of any establishment experiencing long queues is to reduce them as well as the average waiting time, and this will be done thanks to our waiting sensors and the waiting time monitoring dashboards that we make available. Our innovative technology for measuring waiting time in real time will allow you, in the event of high traffic, to increase the number of reception desks or agents, which is the obligatory first step in your audience's journey.


With our alert system, you can be notified automatically if a threshold that you have previously set is exceeded. This functionality is all the more necessary as the current context imposes new standards in terms of social distancing.

Would you like to go even further in queue management?

Queuing is never pleasant, and even less so in case of long queues. This is why we have developed an online appointment scheduling solution coupled with a virtual queue management solution, all managed from a software interface in SaaS mode. Do you want to become experts in queue management and make your visitors' arrivals more fluid?



Ready to take control of your crowd?

"The Affluences solution gives us automatically and everyday, indicators on the museum's crowd and waiting time. This enable us to have an optimal organisation of the flows of visitors."

— Alban Lionnet, Director of Quality and Internal Audit


"We have chosen to work with Affluences for its ability to provide a booking system for all of our activities as well as for giving us a way of communicating with our visitors the crowd in real-time. The work of our agents and the visiting experience of the Avoriaz tourist office's visitors have improved thanks to this very satisfying partnership."

Nicolas Hubert, Facilities Director


"Thanks to Affluences, we propose a service tailor-made for the use of our students which are very satisfied about it. Moreover, the collaboration with this young and dynamic team has enable us to implement simple and efficient internal management tools."

— Amélie Church, Assistant Director of the Sorbonne University SCD