Predict and manage

Improve your forecasts and driving the crowd with our indicators

We provide our partners with an essential tool to manage their institution: the Affluences web portal
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Control and make the most of your indicators

Visualise your indicators

Review your indicators and understand the behaviour of your users with visual data representations: an essential tool for optimising your opening hours!

Set occupancy alerts

Thanks to the alert system, you are informed in real-time about overcrowded situations or on the contrary, abnormally low crowd in your facilities. Then, you only need to take the appropriate measures!

Export, share, integrate!

You remain the owner of the data which you can export at any moment: to share in open data, create automated email reports for the management... or integrate graphs in your activity reports.

Anticipate the crowd

Make the most of Affluences' predictive analysis algorithm for you..

We have developed a powerful algorithm that takes into account several indicators in order to make crowd forecasts that are as close as possible to reality. The purpose: to enable adjusting your organisation according to the expected crowd.

...and your visitors

By communicating the crowd forecasts with your visitors, you enable them to choose the best moment to come while taking into account the journey time to get on-site. As a result, you smoothen the flows of visitors and above all, you attract more visitors during off-peak hours while offering better visit conditions!

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Ready to take control of your crowd?

"The Affluences solution gives us automatically and everyday, indicators on the museum's crowd and waiting time. This enable us to have an optimal organisation of the flows of visitors."

— Alban Lionnet, Director of Quality and Internal Audit


"We have chosen to work with Affluences for its ability to provide a booking system for all of our activities as well as for giving us a way of communicating with our visitors the crowd in real-time. The work of our agents and the visiting experience of the Avoriaz tourist office's visitors have improved thanks to this very satisfying partnership."

Nicolas Hubert, Facilities Director


"Thanks to Affluences, we propose a service tailor-made for the use of our students which are very satisfied about it. Moreover, the collaboration with this young and dynamic team has enable us to implement simple and efficient internal management tools."

— Amélie Church, Assistant Director of the Sorbonne University SCD